Food Business

Cold Stone Creamery

Tablez food Company owns the franchise rights of the world renowned ice cream brand Cold Stone Creamery®.

Cold Stone Creamery® is about more than just selling premium ice cream. It is for ice cream aficionados who expect nothing less than the very best ingredients, service and surroundings. While catering for discerning tastes, Cold Stone Creamery® has created an inclusive, social and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. The staff are all very highly trained, and passionate about ice cream craftsmanship. It’s the minute attention to detail that makes the Cold Stone Creamery exceptional, and the best it can possibly be.



A home grown concept where the menu is a commixture of hot food and artisan bakery, Bloomsbury’s features a perfect mix of lunch and dinner offerings including delicious soups and salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta and pizza, sizzling grills as well as homemade pastries, desserts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, puddings, tarts and more.

All are recipes are created from scratch using the finest ingredients available seasonally. The quirky new look, contemporary food and fantastic ambience creates an enjoyable an functional space for the local community.



Galito’s has recreated the excellence of home-cooked nutrition so that you can enjoy ‘just like mom makes it’ chicken without the hassle. Our traditional marinade is made from all natural ingredients infused with select herbs and spices. We take care to marinate each chicken for at least 24 hours until moist and tender and then they are ready for the grill. Not only is galito’s chicken the most delicious and tender chicken in town, it is also widely regarded as the healthiest fast food option available. You get choice, A-Grade chicken, flame grilled to perfection and basted in tantalizing peri-peri or lemon and herb flavours. Eaten with our original cut chips or spicy rice, once tried-there will be no turning back!